Editor’s Note: SB 403 was reported favorably and without amendment from the Senate Agriculture Committee after a hearing on May 24, 2016, with unanimous support of the 5 committee members. It awaits action in the Senate.

Senate Bill 403 would require all Animal Control Shelters in the state to euthanize animals by injection (EBI) rather than by gas. Until recently, some counties still used gas chambers. Most veterinarian organizations, including the Michigan Veterinary Medical Association, which has said the use of gas to euthanize shelter animals is “unacceptable.”

For many years, local animal advocates have challenged the use of gas chambers in their own counties. Passage of SB 403 would create a state-wide policy that favors the more humane and safe EBI, and which would prevent a local shelter from re-introducing the gas chamber.

SB 403 is sponsored by Senator Knollenberg (primary), Jones, Horn Schuitmaker, Proos, Hertel and Marleau. Read AFA’s position supporting the bill below. 

“The use of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide gas

for euthanasia of shelter dogs and cats

is not acceptable.”

Michigan Veterinary Medical Association    

SB403 pg 1

SB403 pg 2