HB 5321 would amend Michigan’s Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, to prevent the Department of Natural Resources from issuing permits to sterilize game, including deer. Ann Arbor is the only location in the state operating under a DNR research permit allowing sterilization of deer. AFA opposes this bill as bad policy.

The House Natural Resources Committee began taking testimony on the bill on January 17, 2018. The Committee was unable to complete testimony and did not vote on the bill. Another hearing will be scheduled, possibly on January 24, 2018. AFA plans to attend the rescheduled hearing and present its testimony in person.

“This bill would preempt any consideration of non-lethal scientific methods

of population control, an important tool

and one that AFA, as well as many Michigan citizens,

consider to be humane and necessary.”

Here’s our letter opposing the bill: